November 17, 2010

Tween Room Makeover

Over the summer my 8 yr old daughter started watching "Trading Spaces Kids." We have now blocked tat channel, for my sanity sake. Ever since, she has been begging me to give her room a make over. In a day, so she can be suprised. She was so enthusiastic for the project, she asked her only birthday presents this year be the ones that would go towards her big room makeover. She told me what she wanted, and I spent a few months preparing and making a few accessories. Then I locked her out for a weekend and went to work. She now a happy 9 yr old with a fairy garden room that she actually wants to keep clean!

Her requirements: fairies, but not the baby kind or Disney kind; colors, especially purple; a bulletin board; a writing desk; a chair for reading in; vines and floweres hanging from the ceiling and on the walls so it feels like a garden.
My requirements: cheap, easy, sibling-proof.

Flower garden bedding set and purple curtains- $0.00 snagged from a friend who was moving 
Desk- $0.00 handed down by a friend who was moving
Dish chair- $30.00, but jointly gifted by a friend bring my cost to $15.00
Purple bean bag chair- $2.00 from goodwill
Memo board- $2.00 for ribbon, $1.00 for fabric, made by me here
Mobiles- $2.00 for 10 pieces of cardstock, $4.00 for butterflies and flowers, made by me here
Canopy- $6.00 for ribbons, made by me here
Wallies flower fairies stickers- $14.00
Paint- $6.00 for assorted colors of acrylic paints
Total Cost: $52.00, plus about 10 hours of labor. You might be faster if you don't have 2 yr old to help!



I practiced the painting with water first.

 Flower garden mural:
 Stick on Fairies with glitter paint pixie dust:
 New desk and chair:
 Painted the tree:

Added mobiles, memo board, curtains, and bedding:
 Hung the canopy, tested out by lil' sis:
 A few more wall fairies:
 Memo board and fairy headress:

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