September 27, 2010

No-Sew Bandanna Shirt

This is a fast, easy craft for when the kids need something to do. We used it as a summer camp activity, but with all the color choices out there, you could customize your shirts to fit any theme you can think of.

There are dozens of online tutorials out there for this project, so I didn't make a new one. We settled on the  tutorial found here.  After a very eventful shopping trip to the craft store so each camper could choose their own design, we made these.

I was worried the older girls would be too big for ties on the side, so I helped them sew the sides together. They ended up a little too big anyway, so I guess tying would have worked just fine! With a lot of help, the little ones were able to make their own shirts, even if mom did end up finishing when their fingers just got too tired!

Not boutique material, but the kids were proud to wear the shirts they had made themselves. The uneven cuts, over sized neck holes, or mismatched ties just make them more authentic!

Happy Crafting!

Fall Wreath

First find your wreath don't over pay and buy new, find one used somewhere! This one had some ivy and an ugly bird nest hot glued to it, I ripped the bird nest off and glued leaves over the ivy.
found this beauty at the local thrift store for$2.00!

next go to the dollar store and buy 2-3 garlands. I had mine already but I know you can get them there for cheap!

pull it apart!

glue around filling in spaces as you go.

and you're done!

you could add ribbon or a bow, but I like simple.

I hung mine on my door.
Happy Fall! I hope this will help get me in the mood for cold weather, because right now I am longing for year round summer!

September 26, 2010

leg/arm warmer tutorial

Here in the northwest it is starting to get chilly in the morning and my daughter lives in skirts and dresses. Some of the skirts have sewn in shorts so to put leggings underneth makes it kind of bulky. I found a way to keep her legs warm without the bulk and for a fraction of the cost!
Start with a ladies knee sock. I found mine at target on clearance for $1.40!

Cut it as shown.

Take the middle and fold in half.

pin it to the place where you cut.

sew them together.

and tada you are done!

here they are as arm warmers.

Now go sew some leg warmers! Enjoy!


Make a Teepee

One of our first hands-on activites for the summer was to build a teepee from painter's canvas and bamboo garden poles. We challenged ourselves to let go of the control and let our kids use paint and permanent markers and scribble all over the canvas, drawing whatever they wanted. Amazingly, no one died or ruined their clothes or destroyed anything. I guess control is slightly over-rated.

Here is a step-by-step, in case you want to give it a try.

Take a piece of cloth- an old sheet, painters canvas, old curtains, whatever you have around that is at least 5x8 feet. Lay it flat then fold it into quarters. Kind of like you are making a giant paper snowflake. Cut off the tip of the corner to make a hole for the poles- maybe 4 inches or so. Then round the bottom edge. It doesn't have to be perfect, your kids will love it no matter what.
Here is the finished shape:

Decorate your teepee. You can go all out with acrylics and fabric paints. designer prints, camo, jungle stripes, polka dots, whatever. We decided to make one per family and let the kids paint whatever they wanted. Funny we both ended up with a family tree and hand and footprints. We just cleaned out the craft drawers- watercolors, glitter glue, finger paint, sharpies, crayons- nothing was off limits.

While it is drying flat, put in some holes for the grommets. I used 1"grommets and pounded them in every 2 inches starting from the top edge, or the tiny cut out circle, depending on your perspective. Make sure they line up! Then find something to lace it up. I used yarn, but you could go with leather, ribbons, rope, or an old shoelace, depending on what look you are going for. Now go get your poles.

I used 6ft lengths of bamboo found in the garden center. 6 of them. You could use pvc pipe or wooden dowels or even some long sticks if you have them. Just 6 poles, about 6 feet long, and relatively straight. Gather them up and wrap a few thick rubber bands around the bundle about 8 inches from the top. Spread out the feet evenly, about a foot or so apart with a slightly wider opening for the door. Wrap your teepee around the poles, lace up the grommet holes like you are tying a shoe and move it around until you are happy with the shape and size.

Set it up in a quiet place and let them in! A shade tent, a fort for two, a reading hide away, a time out spot, and Indian house- what will you use it for?

Fabric Flowers

To make these beauties click here.Fabric Flower Tutorial. Enjoy!
These are fabric flowers that me and a friend made.

you can do so many things with them.
I plan on attaching them to hair clips for my daughter.

September 25, 2010

Bed Makeover

Ok we bought this bed 6 years ago with the intent to refinish it. The only problem there has always been a child sleeping in it. Every time we moved (3 times) I thought before we set it up I'll paint it. Obviously it never happened. so I finially went to walmart bought the paint and went for it.
So here is the before, it is really scratched up with alot of wear and tear.

Here is the head board

Painting it out in the garage.

the drawers.

And here is the after!