December 23, 2010

Painted Pirate Map

A real treasure map for the little pirate at our house.

I started by drawing a design on paper- nothing fancy, just four pieces of copy paper taped together. I started with pencil, then traced with a marker so it would show through for the next part.

Then I put a square of white cotton fabric on top. Again nothing fancy, just a discounted scrap I found in the remnants bin at the craft store. I used a pencil to trace the lines onto the fabric.

I thought maybe the fabric was a little too white, so I dyed it using tea. I normally don't drink tea, so I just snagged a few bags from the breakfast bar of our hotel one weekend. I put a few cups of water in a pan, brought it to a boil, then added the wadded up fabric and the tea bags and left it there overnight. The next morning I had a nice dirty map!

Then I painted with some acrylics using a sponge brush, q-tip, and waded paper towel depending on the texture I wanted.

After the paint dried, I used permanent markers to draw in the details or add color where needed. By this time I had lost my original drawing, but I think I remembered enough of the cool stuff to make it work! 

To make a fun gift, I packaged this rolled up in a treasure chest with a lock and key, a bandana, and a play spyglass for some ready-made pirate fun!

A nesting doll family

I found these blank wooden nesting dolls at Hobby Lobby for just $6. I couldn't pass up the chance to make a personalized set for my girl to play with. She has nearly lost the parts to her big sister's "special" souvenir set more times than I care to admit, so I was happy to find her an alternative. 

I traced the outlines on scratch paper and sketched in the details I wanted to paint on, then used a pencil to draw right on the dolls.  You'll notice I got simpler with each level of design!

I used a tiny brush and craft store acrylics to paint, then a sharpie pen to draw on the detail lines. 

Finally I finished them off with a few coats of modge podge sealant. I went with modge podge instead of an acrylic spray because modge podge is non-toxic and I was worried they might get licked or something.

I think the baby is my favorite, even though she will not be put into circulation any time soon since she is a choking hazard!

December 14, 2010

Take Along Fabric Dollhouse

A Christmas gift for my littlest one:

The perfect home for Little People, Calico Critters, Nesting Dolls, or Polly Pockets! I am hoping this will be an easy take-along to church, in the car, or to Grandma's house. The best part? All made from scraps in my stash, a free gift!
I used the tutorial by UK Lass. Hers is pretty thorough, so I am not going to do my own, just tell you to go there instead! Check out the flickr group she links to at the bottom for many, many more examples. Actually, mine doesn't look to great next to many of those, so maybe don't go look? Either way, you should make one. It took me a total of about 4 hours to make. I think I could do it in two now that I know what I am doing. Maybe a car garage, a barn, or a little grocery store? The possibilities are endless!

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December 13, 2010


ok for these I just took an old stocking and traced it to the fabric I wanted to use. Then sewed them together and done. From start to finish it took probably 45 min. Enjoy!

Magazine tree

I saw this on a friends facebook page. It is so easy, and your kids could each do one. When you are done folding remove the cover. I am in love, it is easy, fast and cheap!
ok so fold down like this.

then fold again like this.

Then fold up corner. Repeat each fols on every page.
remove cover.

This is what you get.

I spray painted mine.

December 4, 2010

DIY glass vase/ candy dish

ok so I found a bowl, a cup and this flat dish at the dollar store and DI. I also found candle sticks.

I used this glue, but I have seen other blogs use gorilla glue.

here are two of them.
I really like the cup and bowl. I am hooked!
these will be filled with candy and given to teachers!
Total cost: $2.00 per dish!