September 27, 2010

No-Sew Bandanna Shirt

This is a fast, easy craft for when the kids need something to do. We used it as a summer camp activity, but with all the color choices out there, you could customize your shirts to fit any theme you can think of.

There are dozens of online tutorials out there for this project, so I didn't make a new one. We settled on the  tutorial found here.  After a very eventful shopping trip to the craft store so each camper could choose their own design, we made these.

I was worried the older girls would be too big for ties on the side, so I helped them sew the sides together. They ended up a little too big anyway, so I guess tying would have worked just fine! With a lot of help, the little ones were able to make their own shirts, even if mom did end up finishing when their fingers just got too tired!

Not boutique material, but the kids were proud to wear the shirts they had made themselves. The uneven cuts, over sized neck holes, or mismatched ties just make them more authentic!

Happy Crafting!

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