November 15, 2010

Ladies Skirt into Girls Dress Upcycle Tutorial

 I bought this and it's just a smidge to short so I never wear it, so here's what I did with it!

measure you daughter right under her arms, then add an inch for seam allowace. If the zipper is on the side just cut one side. If it's on the back you'll want to cut both sides.

Sew with right sides in.

Take the left over fabric and cut into a rectangle. I just eye balled it. you will need 2 of these. they will become the sleeves.

Now pin sides over and make sure your elastic will fit though it.

Measure how long your elastic needs to be by trying the dress on your daughter. going from one side of her sholder to the other. (front to back). Feed you elastic through, ancor on one end, and then the other.

It will create a ruffle effect on the sleeve.

Pin in place on both sleeves.

This picture is not the best, but you sew all the way around the top of the dress.

And then let here wear it!

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