October 26, 2010

Memo Board

Another addition to my daughter's room- a memo board. Not just a boring brown bulletin board, but a ribbon-laced rainbow-colored bulletin board to coordinate with her fairy garden theme.
This project was super-easy and fast. The hardest part was mastering the staple gun!
Cut a square of fabric and batting just larger than your board, flip it to the back and staple! Start with the center top and bottom, then the center sides. Then do the corners by folding the fabric as you would gift wrap and stapling. Criss-cross the front with ribbon, stapling the ends to the back and weaving the ribbon as you go. I suppose if you really wanted to, you could cover the cardboard backing with some pretty paper. This is going straight on the wall, so I didn't worry about it. If this board was larger and you wanted to make sure the ribbon stayed in place, you could anchor the ribbon to the board at each intersection with a button or a brad. This one was small, about a foot square, so it wasn't needed.

Ta-da! Boring bulletin board into fairy garden memo board.

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