March 4, 2011

Harry Potter Wands

ok so I took regular copy paper and rolled it up, adding glue to the end to hold it. The skinnier it is the more sturdy in the end.

Start by filling with hot glue, make sure you have plenty of refil sticks on hand. I did the skinnier end first let that set then flipped it over and filled the rest. It helped to tap it to get the glue to move father down. Be patient this will take a while.

I set mine in a cup to let it settle and dry.

Next add swirls of hot glue to the outside in whatever way you wish!This will create the look of vines.

next begin painting with acrilic paint, I did brown first you could do black first.

Add your second color. lighly and add some  texture I did a third color even lighter, on one I did red, another blue and my daughters has a sparkly purple.

this is the one with the red.

next I took rub and buff, in silver and added that to the hot glue vines.This is liquid silver leafing. I used my finger and rubbed it on.

Then I spray sealed them, you could modge podge it with a brush.

and here they are drying.

look at those practicing wizards!

Later He made me draw a scar on his forehead!
I saw this on another blog, but have no idea where! I loved this project, very cheap and easy with awesome results! Who knew you you could make such an awesome thing with copy paper and hot glue!

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Rachel @ A Tall Drink of Water said...

How cute! I love Harry Potter!! And so easy to make! Visiting from House of Hepworths!!