February 27, 2012

Desk Refinish

I found this Desk at goodwill for 35.00. All the drawers worked, and it was a big solid desk, so I bought it! Thank goodness I had my hubby with me!

Here is the before!
I want to stress, I hate sanding. Now that I have discovered this:

I found it at LOWES!
                                                            I will NEVER sand again!
Here is it Primed.
I did 2 solid coats.
                       While Priming I discovered it was a Lazy boy brand and came from a Bank.
Talk about an awesome score! Soon you will see the desk we acquired as a temporary and used for 4 years! Its going in my Daughters room and is in the process of being painted PINK!
Here is the finished product!
I think black makes everything Better!
(and yes the walls are ugly, but we are renting)
There you go!
                            I did 2 coats of high gloss black, also from Lowe's, and I am loving it!


Joyciegirl said...

It looks GREAT Sandra! Lots of work, but it paid off!

Lauren in GA said...

Whoa. You had me at, never having to sand again. I can't thank you enough.